NVQ Level 3

EAL Level 3 Electrotechnical Experienced
Worker Qualification

Sector: Electrotechnical
Type: Certificate
Qualification Code: 603/5982/1
The competencies involved with electrical installation and commissioning. The qualification
is made up of performance units which in summary cover: the application of health, safety
and environmental considerations, organising the work environment, application of design
and installation practices, termination and connection of conductors, inspection and testing,
fault diagnosis and rectification. It also has two units which between them cover BS 7671
wiring regulations, and initial verification (these are the same units that appear in the
industry recognised CPD qualifications).
This qualification is recognised by the electrical industry and is supported by the ECA

Qualification pre-requisites:
The qualification is not suitable for new entrants to the electrotechnical industry,
apprentices, or those who have completed an electrotechnical qualification with less than
last five years relevant industry experience.
It is a requirement that prior to undertaking this qualification, learners must have their
suitability assessed by the completion of the qualification’s pre-entry skills scan. Learners
MUST possess the knowledge and understanding comparable to the Level 3 Electrotechnical
apprenticeship qualification which can be evidenced by relevant electrotechnical
qualifications. Where learners do not hold the relevant qualifications, their eligibility will be
probed through the skills scan to verify if they have the equivalent knowledge and
understanding. This MUST occur prior to registering the learner on this qualification.
The age range of this qualification is 19+, however it is expected due to the
five-year industry experience requirements learners will be significantly older.

Who is this qualification for?:
This qualification is designed solely for individuals who have been working in the electrotechnical
industry as a practising electrician for a minimum of 5 years and possess specified knowledge,
understanding and competence as outlined in the skills scan (aligned to the Level 3 electrotechnical
apprenticeship qualification). It forms part of the requirements for the Electrotechnical Experienced

Worker Assessment, together with the AM2E end point assessment, enabling the experienced
worker to apply for an ECS Installation Electrician Gold Card.

Who is this qualification for?

• experienced operatives who are/have been working in the electrotechnical industry as practising electricians for a minimum of 5 years
• those who wish to have their competencies recognised and work toward an ECS Gold Card
• those who wish to develop their career.

Minimum entry age: 19+
Guided learning hours (min): 151
Guided learning hours (max): 230

How is this qualification assessed?:
The learner will be assessed on their portfolio of work based evidence. They will also have to
achieve two on-screen exams (initial verification, and BS 7671 wiring regulations).

Price: £1900